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Naturopathic Wellness Consultation

Integrative and Holistic Wellness Consultations for chronic and acute concerns of body, mind and spirit. The initial consultation consists of detailed health and wellness history as well as establishing wellness goals and priorities. We create a treatment plan which includes diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to address physical health, emotional health and beyond.  We work to unwind any blocks that may be inhibiting our clients from experiencing optimal wellness while addressing concerns with highly effective therapies. Initial appointments range from 60-90 minutes, follow ups from 30-45 minutes. 

$225 Initial/$95 Follow Up

Fertility and Conscious Preconception Program

Consultation Focused on Conscious Fertility and Preconception Care. Designed for Women and Couples Desiring Healthy and Natural Pregnancy. Holistic and Personalized program focused on cleansing the body, balancing hormones and addressing Mental and Emotional aspects of Pregnancy and Conscious Parenthood.


The program guidebook includes:

Nutritional, Recipe and Pantry Guidelines

Detoxification and Optimization Protocols

Lifestyle, Meditation and Movement Practices.

Botanical, Homeopathic and Supplement Support. 

Ceremonial/Indigenous Practices to Support Womb Healing and Empowerment. 


Initial Consultation is 75-90 minutes during which we customize treatment guidelines for each individual. 

$375 Initial $95 Follow Up

7 Day Personalized Cleanse and Transform

Personalized 7 day program designed to cleanse and reset body, mind and spirit. Includes 60 minute consultation during which we establish goals and create an individualized program. You will receive Detailed Recipe and Nutritional Guidelines for 7 days, Detoxification Enhancing Protocols and Specific Supplement Recommendations to Support Safe and Gentle Cleansing.

This program is designed as an introduction to cleansing, which will also serve you for years to come as a useful resource any time you might need a re-set. 


Eco-Spiritualist Lifestyle Design

This service is for those looking to optimize their lifestyle for greater alignment within an eco-conscious and spiritually-awakening context. We work with clients to educate them on how to eat, live, travel and be in such a way to allow the full expression of the soul self and purpose. Attuning to the natural world as well as the energetic/invisible world allows us to create and live in a grounded and connected way. This includes a 1 hour consultation plus full spectrum educational materials to raise ones vibration body, mind and spirit. 


Personalized Detoxification and Transformation Retreats

For those clients needing more support, we offer personalized 1-3 weeks programs designed specifically for the individual. Holistic, All Inclusive Wellness Experience, including detoxification protocols and supplementation, daily mindfulness and movement, healthy food preparation and education, ceremonial healing experiences and more. These programs can be done at your home, at our farm outside of Asheville, NC, and at other locations around the world. To learn more please fill out the booking request form and we will schedule a free consultation to go over services, dates and price estimates. 

Price Upon Request

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Therapeutic Treatments

A la Carte Items

Can be purchased as an add-on to any consultation.  (Save $15 off of a la carte pricing)

Gemstone & Taoist Stone Medicine Therapy

Crystals and Stones carry unique healing vibration and frequencies that address the physical, mental, emotional and the etheric bodies. Using intuitive assessment, the practitioners place specific stones on the body to align and encourage energy flow. The experience of the client is varied, and is generally deeply relaxing, during which time intuitive visionary and emotional information is brought to the surface to enhance exploration of the self. This service is offered by both Dr. Renfer and Dr. Rowan. 

$125 Initial $80 Follow Up

Mayan Uterine Massage

Traditional Therapy centered around the Womb. Integrates elements of Mayan Uterine Massage, Acupressure and Cranial Sacral to enhance circulation of energy, blood and lymph, support emotional release and overall reproductive health. Wonderful for fertility and post pregnancy care, as well as those who experience uncomfortable or irregular menstrual cycles. This therapy is offered by Dr. Renfer. 

Packages Available. 

$125 Initial $80 Follow Up

Esoteric Acupuncture

Align and Activate the Chakras and Meridians while awakening higher levels of consciousness by combining Acupuncture with specialized Sacred Geometry patterns. Working in the realms of the sacred and etheric blueprints, we grid and anchor higher frequencies into the physical body, bringing about expanded awareness, clarity of mind, deeper alignment with our spiritual nature, and enliven physical well-being. Excellent for aligning heart and mind, gaining clarity of purpose, releasing past karma, & awakening creative life force. This service is offered by Dr. Rowan. 

Packages Available.

$125 Initial $80 Follow Up

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Imagine a massage for your brain. Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle, relaxing and powerful modality that works to align physical and energetic systems through the spinal membrane-fluid systems, the chakras anchored to the physical spine, and the fascial network. It is focused around balancing the cranial tidal rhythms (sometimes called the Rhythm of the Soul) of the body that can become blocked and stagnant, resulting in physical pain/tension and mental illness. Often these misalignments stem from old injuries and somato-emotional storage of trauma that keep us in the loops of dis-ease and inhibits us from experiencing optimal wellness. Re-aligning the spine and releasing stored trauma from the cellular matrix brings about deep healing and transformation. During these sessions, the practitioner also receives valuable information through the psychic field as to what practices, supplements/herbs, nutrients etc the body is needing to function more optimally. This service is offered by both Dr. Rowan and Dr. Renfer. 

Packages Available. 

$80/$120 60 min/90 min Session

Intuitive Counseling & Guided Journey Work

Often along our path to wellness we may hit a point where we plateau. Or perhaps we are having trouble with consistency, or we keep finding ourselves facing a stuck emotion or mental pattern that is resulting in some element of suffering. During an Intuitive Counseling we ask the individual a series of questions to discover where in the individuals story or situation there is a block. Once we find a place that is asking to be illuminated we utilize hypnosis and meditation techniques to dive into this area to understand and unwind the block. The session generally lasts around 1 hour and is recorded so the client may revisit the journey. This work is offered by Dr. Jessica Renfer. 

$125/hr session

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