January 1, 2018

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Rethinking Detoxification: Radio Interview with Dr. Theresa Nicassio

February 28, 2018

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January 1, 2018


You know you are on the verge of something beautiful 

when tears well up so freely and powerfully

tears of joy and of sorrow, 

tears of relief and of forgiveness. 

I am waiting, it is coming, to believe that quiet voice within that whispers:


Yes, you are enough

Yes, you are on your path

Yes, you are magical

Yes, You are Love.


Validation from the outside touches the part of my heart that wants to be loved, 

knowing all the while that this love must blossom from the inside out. 

These tears wash away that which has clouded this knowing

That love has been within me all along. 


I have nothing to fear in being vulnerable. 

Wide open hearts are strong and full and unconditional, 

They cannot be hurt, for all is as it is meant to be. 

Contained within that open heart is all of the joy and sorrow and pain and relief,

all of it, all is beautiful,

all is part of crystalline rainbow of this human experience. 


How fortunate that we get to experience this existence on so many planes, 

the pleasures of this physical form,

dancing within these temples of the elements. 

The feeling of wind in my hair as I leap and run through the forest,

barefoot activation, undeniable synchronization of self to earth. 

The limitless Imagination Envisioning, Manifesting, that endless curiosity of Mind that inspires exploration within and without. 

We are blessed Indeed. 

My heart yearns as my ears do for SOUL, 

for beautiful melody rich in timbre, rhythm and harmony. 

This connection, this breath of life, which unites me with ALL. 

The leaves dancing in the wind reminds me to be playful,

 to bounce and flow with ease and grace and humor. 


The tears well again as the optimist in me sees my brothers and sisters standing together

     in LOVE,

     in Empowered Empathy, 

Standing up for Gaia, Standing up for one another. 

Unwinding and Releasing the chains of generations

of hurt unacknowledged and unhealed. 


We heal for ourselves, Our Sisters, Our Brothers, for our Ancestors and for our Earth. 

I See You and I honor You. 

We breathe, We sing, We transmute, We transform. 

This is a call to arms, to heart, to truth and higher consciousness. To greater empathy, compassion, discernment and humility. 


A call to myself, to rise with courage and speak with authenticity. No more tears of sadness, only joy. 


These eyes, this I, is awakening, to my divinity. 

I see this universe I am creating, as a fragment of God, so many fragments lay before me, all to teach me that which I am.

To mirror my trauma, my pain, my blindspots,

my ego disguising itself as reason, disbelief, fear. 


The age of duality is coming to a close, there is no You and I.

Only I and I.

When I love you, I love me.

When I can love you so deeply and freely, I give myself permission to love myself with equal gusto and infinity. 


When I trust you, I trust myself and this life is trustworthy. 


When I listen to you, I listen to me, and the universe speaks so very clearly. 

When I love you, I love me,

and the world is adorned with rainbows and butterflies,

where every raindrop is a kiss which melts into every aspect of my being. 


When I honor myself, when I say Yes to me,

the universe says Yes in return. 


Here you are my dear, here is the key, lotus unfolding,

no longer must you struggle through the muck in search of the light,

the light is in the muck,

it is in the struggle,

it is resistance created from resistance alone. 


Do not like Narcissus,

be so caught up in the story of YOU,

that you drown in the story, rather love the refl


ection, and let go, dive deep into the sacred mystery that is You. 


Doubt creates doubt, No creates No. 


I can no longer sacrifice my Yes for the pleasing of others. I am the creatrix, thus I must stand in my power, no longer a victim, waiting for a sign, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No….Yes. 


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

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