January 1, 2018

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Rethinking Detoxification: Radio Interview with Dr. Theresa Nicassio

February 28, 2018

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Adventures in Fasting: The Beauty of Reset

November 15, 2017

This year has been one of transition, of truth being revealed, we are being called into greater authenticity. One of the challenges in life can be the disconnect between motivation and dedication.


We create goals and make promises to ourselves and to others. As above so below, and how we treat ourselves is reflective of how we treat others, and how in turn we allow ourselves to be treated. But that is a topic for another day. The focus of today is promise and dedication to the self. The challenge for many, including myself, is keeping up with higher vibrational life choices in a world that is seemingly wired to swallow us back into habits built out of unconsciousness, addiction and complacency. Gentleness with the self is vital, but there is a difference between gentleness and excuses. 


I found myself feeling a little less than optimal, something was just not quite right, my digestion was off, my meditation practice was waning, I was feeling slightly anxious and lazy. Having the education I do, sometimes I fall into the trap of analyzing my symptoms, coming up with potential treatment plans, and somehow thinking about the "treatments" takes the place of actually doing anything tangible, as if simply "figuring it out" was all that was needed to address the messages my body was giving. Doctors do make the worst patients they say. 


I'm personally in a place where my intuition is growing, or perhaps, my ability to listen and interpret is growing. I'm feeling inspiration flowing through, channels speaking of true purpose and abundance, so for the first time I am feeling that drive to really work towards a goal. I am feeling the shifting of consciousness, the changing of the world. What I knew as truth has been dissolving away to reveal an existence with so much more substance and magic than the current paradigm lends itself to. We want to be a part of the change, of vibrating higher, of living in a more balanced, heart-centered community-oriented, naturalistic, vitalistic, way of BE-ing. The next renaissance is upon us, where the promise of technology can free us to create, expand and explore the realms. Tis the time of unification, of science and spirit, psychedelic, entheogenic rainbow warrior, musician, artist, farmer, new world explorer. AHO!


So, my motivation lies in wanting to continue this ride, its exciting, its magical, its full of love and purpose and manifestation. But, back to the original purpose, feeling a little lost, lazy and ill. So in the same way that I address technological difficulties, with the good old turn it off and on (which usually works by the way), I decided that what I needed was a reset, reboot, BODY MIND AND SPIRIT. 


My reset was sort of in preparation for a deeper fasting experience Dr. Rowan and I will be undertaking in a month or so. My goals were to rest my digestive system, and take the day to fully tend to my own health, to reestablish my yoga and meditation practice, and break the cycle of eating foods that are not of the higher vibrational material.  As this was rather spontaneous, not much planning or preparation went into it, rather, I used what I had and what I felt called to:


24 hr Liquids Fasting: Clean Water with Minerals, Lots of it. Calendula, Mamaki and Ginger Tea. More Water, More Tea. Every time I felt hungry I drank more water. 


High Dose Probiotics: I took 4 capsules of Klaire Therbiotic spaced throughout the day. 


Yin Yoga: 30 minutes of gentle heart and hip opening flow, gentling encouraging lymphatic flow, gentleness of spirit and the strength that comes from flexibility. 


Meditation: The purpose of meditation is living more mindfully, attuning to the deep wisdom of the heart; for guidance comes in many forms and especially in those quiet moments. I have really been called to step up my meditation game, so this was important for me to spend a lot of time in this space throughout the day. 


Castor Oil Pack: 45 minutes of Castor Oil Pack, half focused over the liver, half on lower abdomen. Accompanied with gentle abdominal massage. Warming, encouraging hepatic circulation, castor oil is truly extraordinary, its not called Palmi Di Christi (the hand of Christ), for no reason after all. 


Calendula Retention Enema: Calendula is a well known and loved herb, its golden sunshine energy is a powerful wound healing, soothes the tissues, and has beautiful alterative (cleansing) activity. I made a strong decoction and allowed it to cool. Then added half filtered water half calendula tea to the enema bucket. Interesting to note is as I was administering this treatment, I had the "decent into abyss" feeling that is so familiar with meditative, and entheogenic experiences.  There was that moment where I could feel this world dissolving as the "other" world reveals itself, slightly "oh shit here we go", that ultimate deja-vu sensation. Interesting reaction for a simple enema. 


Detoxification Bath: Began with lymph brushing, then drew a warm bath with 1 cup epsom salts, 1/4 cup bentonite clay, 1/4 cup baking soda, and delicious essential oils (I used Balance by Doterra). Applied a facial mask of honey, olive oil and turmeric, soaked here for 20 minutes while listening to some Egyptian Meditation Music, channeling that inner Cleopatra anointed with sacred waters and oils. I rinsed with some cool water, (getting up carefully as blood pressure tends to drop during fasting), then applied a botanical balm of Cacao Butter, Coconut Oil,  and Olive oil infused with Calendula and Chickweed. Soft, soaked and smoothed I found my way into bed and laid in bliss for who knows how long. 


I broke my fast later in the evening with some warmed vegetable broth and mushrooms, and a small amount of lightly sauteed kale (for ease of digestion). In warmer months I would use a green juice, but in the cooler times of year, warm is the way. 


I went to bed early that night, feeling rested, reset and ready to start anew. This also inspired more excitement for the upcoming extended fast, as even in one day I could feel the healing energy beginning to work itself within this blessing of a body. Reset Reboot, and Keep On Moving.


Tune in for more information on our journey of supportive fasting, self-care, with the purpose of rising our vibration and awakening to LOVE. 





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