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Medicinal Roots Herbal Detox Tea

Makes 6 cups

1 tsp Dandelion Root

1 tsp Burdock Root

1/2 tsp Angelica Root

1 tsp Schizandra Berry

1 tsp Milk Thistle Seed

1 tspLicorice Root

Small Chunk Fresh Ginger Root

Add 8 cups of filtered water to sauce pan. 

Add Roots/Seeds/Berries

Cover and Bring to Boil

Reduce to Slow Simmer for 1 hour

Turn off heat and allow to sit for additional 45 minutes. 

Filter out herbs and add to large glass jar. 

Add a splash to your water throughout the day!

Can also warm up and drink as hot tea. 

Tip: Drinking a cup of detox tea before bed is wonderful since your body does a lot of its healing work at night. Also if you tend to wake up between the hours of 1-3 this could mean your liver needs some extra support, so teas such as this can help enhance sleep quality as well. 

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