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November 15, 2017

This year has been one of transition, of truth being revealed, we are being called into greater authenticity. One of the challenges in life can be the disconnect between motivation and dedication.

We create goals and make promises to ourselves and to others. As above so below, and how we treat ourselves is reflective of how we treat others, and how in turn we allow ourselves to be treated. But that is a topic for another day. The focus of today is promise and dedication to the self. The challenge for many, including myself, is keeping up with higher vibrational life choices in a world that is seemingly wired to swallow us back into habits built out of unconsciousness, addiction and complacency. Gentleness with the self is vital, but there is a difference between gentleness and excuses. 

I found myself feeling a little less than optimal, something was just not quite right, my digestion was off, my meditation practice was waning, I was feeling slightly anxious and lazy. Having t...

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