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January 1, 2018

You know you are on the verge of something beautiful 

when tears well up so freely and powerfully

tears of joy and of sorrow, 

tears of relief and of forgiveness. 

I am waiting, it is coming, to believe that quiet voice within that whispers:

Yes, you are enough

Yes, you are on your path

Yes, you are magical

Yes, You are Love.

Validation from the outside touches the part of my heart that wants to be loved, 

knowing all the while that this love must blossom from the inside out. 

These tears wash away that which has clouded this knowing

That love has been within me all along. 

I have nothing to fear in being vulnerable. 

Wide open hearts are strong and full and unconditional, 

They cannot be hurt, for all is as it is meant to be. 

Contained within that open heart is all of the joy and sorrow and pain and relief,

all of it, all is beautiful,

all is part of crystalline rainbow of this human experience. 

How fortunate that we get to experience this existence on so many planes, 

the pleasures of this physical...

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