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January 9, 2018

Nature Inspires that which is desiring to be Awakened. 

No one knew how or when anyone arrived

It was nothing less than the culmination of various 

scattered daydreams and unexplained deja-vu.

Something in each of them had brought them to this place, 

a release from the inside out,

a spectacular collision of mind, spirit and fantasy.  

They see nothing but each other, 

their bodies fold and intertwine, 

trying desperately to melt into one another. 

She is rising and sinking with the subtle encroaching waves,

forcibly bound to the warm breathing earth.  

There is a painter among them, 

quietly blending nature and vision, 

yet, the colors do not obey the motions of the brush,

instead, they swirl and bleed and sink into every crevice. 

Do not disturb the beauty, is the message, paint with me, not in despite of me.  

The little one is perched high in a throne, 

carved out by the melting of diamonds.  

From this height things look rather different.  

The evergreens sway to the breath of every living thing, 


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