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Dr. Jessica Renfer, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

The Vision

We are working to align to the greater truth of who we are, and what we are capable of within ourselves as individuals and collectively. This begins within each of us, health being the basic foundation upon which we grow. 

True Wellness is found in re-awakening our innate self-healing capacities and re-igniting our curiosity and engagement with the journey that is this life. 


Through blending East and West, ancient and cutting-edge, we offer a unique weaving of scientific technologies with sage wisdom, sacred medicines, practices and philosophies, to activate and catalyze your healing journey.

Together we create the space to finding Joy, Meaning, and Purpose in this beautiful, mysterious and magical existence that is Life on Earth. Life is a ceremony, a beautiful dance, poetry in motion, full of ebbs and flows, the tides rise and fall. With grace we ride the waves.

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For Fertility and Emotional Healing
Physical, emotional and spiritual alignment and healing
Energy healing utilizing Crystal and Stone Medicine.
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Women's Circles, Sound Healing, Ceremonial Gatherings
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We are based in Asheville, North Carolina and offer our services locally and globally. We have clients from all over the world and tailor our services to your location and resources. We host workshops and retreats on location at the Hawk and Hawthorne Permaculture Farm and around the world. 
To schedule with Dr. Rowan locally in Asheville, click here. To schedule with Dr. Renfer fill out the form or call. 
For online consultations we use Zoom or Skype Technologies. 
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My 7-day cleanse with MedicaSage marked a really pivotal point in my personal health journey. I became much more attuned to the interconnectedness of my thinking mind, physical body, emotional health, spiritual receptivity and gut health. By day 7, I felt great, had lost weight, and was empowered to make additional lifestyle changes that continued my re-balancing process. 


I highly recommend the cleanse to anyone looking to take a deep dive into their personal well being. Thank you Dr. Audrey and Dr. Jessica!


"Working with Dr. Jessica has truly been a transformational experience. I have grown in so many ways beyond physical health thanks to her loving expertise, wisdom, and compassion.  I came to Dr. Jessica with an array of health issues. I can say now I have a much better understanding of my body and my health is a completely different story. I’ve never experienced better sleep, digestion, and hormonal balance.  Her skills as a physician are definitely special. I think one thing that differentiates a great doctor from an okay doctor, is someone who truly holds you as a client with the highest respect. She encouraged me to grow on my own instead of just telling me what to do and give a prescription.  She was attentive and empathetic and that really made my healing experience much more gentle.


With all honesty, my life is very different now after working for about a year with Dr. Jessica.  Her kind guidance has brought me to a place in life that I feel much more comfortable and at ease.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a positive shift in their life."


Dr Jessica is one of the most wonderful people I've ever worked with . To start she is so knowledgeable as a ND , but even more she is gifted in her intuition . She has so many tools she works with ; sound healing , acupuncture accompanied by crystal work , meditations , Yoni steams for woman and much more . She takes time to really listen to you and access what you need as an individual . She is willing to work with where you are at and when you are ready to move on to the next stage is there to guide you . Most of all , she has the biggest heart and in this day and age , it's nice to know the people you are asking for help truly care . I feel blessed to know and work with her as does everyone I know that has worked with her .


My husband and I had high hopes of starting a family but after years of trying, we were unsuccessful. We visited many OB/GYNs and even a fertility specialist and were told that our only option was IVF. They never really knew what my issues were nor did they take they time to figure it out. I decided that I should give it one last try and visited Dr. Renfer.  She actually listened to my concerns and treated me as an equal and as a friend. Her treatment plans were reasonable and fit with my lifestyle. And I am happy to say, that with her help, I became pregnant for the very first time, and welcomed a healthy child 9 months later.  Dr. Renfer is an exceptional, talented individual who truly cares about her patients and we will be will be forever grateful to her.


                                                                                       - C.G.

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